Vigilant Faith!


At the request of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the CD “Czuwaj Wiaro!” was created with songs from the war and occupation period. The band Dzieci z Brodą supported by, among others, Wojciech Waglewski, Marcin Pospieszalski, Piotr “Stopa” Żyżelewicz, Cezary Paciorek and the Kwadrat String Quartet performs 10 songs very well known to older and younger generations – who does not know and hummed “Heart in the Backpack”, “Siekiera, Motyki” or “Pałacyk Michla”? Translated with (free version)


Vigilant Faith! – 2004

These melodies and words are a beautiful testimony of people who were able to enjoy every simple thing despite an uncertain tomorrow and the evil that surrounded them, which was war. The album “Vigil Wiaro!” is an original contemporary version of these songs from decades ago. Snare drums interspersed with Jewish melodies, country-like strings, rumba and cha-cha rhythms combined with traditional tunes – all this gives the songs a new character, yet there is no doubt that these are the same songs as before. The album is a testament to the fact that it is possible to record patriotic material without academic pathos, without covering everything with a mournful cirem, without adding another brick to the ‘wall of our despair’. The songs in the new arrangement, sung with joyful and clear children’s voices, are a beautiful tribute to the participants of the uprising.