Lenten almsgiving


“Lenten Alms” is music played and sung by father and son. Jozef Broda, who has been a creator of highland folk music for forty years, passed on his love of it to his son Joszek. The album , which is their next joint venture, contains the music that flows through their veins, the source music that was born in the Silesian Beskids, where the Brod family has lived since the 12th century.


Lenten almsgiving – 2000

The songs sung a capella are complemented by the playing of ethnic instruments: the four-metre trombita, gaji, pipes, ocarina, drumla, terkawka, Salish pipe and shofar horn, as well as the Lenten pipe, which in the Carpathian culture was the only instrument that could be played during Lent.

The album is a reference to Joszek and Jozef’s roots – the source music of the Beskids. But we also find our true roots here: Jesus and Israel. The songs on the album tell of the drama of God the Father looking down on his crucified Son. Who better to talk about it than a father and son precisely?

The music was recorded in the Basilica of the Fr. Dominicans in Lublin. A beautifully produced album, with photographs of the doors to the Sanctuary of the Word on the Mount of Beatitudes, the Western Wall, the panel of the Lord’s anointing and the ceiling of the Nazareth synagogue, is dedicated to John Paul II as an expression of gratitude for his meeting on the Mount of Beatitudes in March 2000.