Człowiek z lasu


Joszko Broda, a man brought up in the forest, shows a primal, raw dimension of sound in his solo album. Over the course of seventy-five minutes, working with his instrumentation, he shows the birth of sound, the sounds at the interface between nature and music, the search for a place to express emotion, where melody is the ultimate result of artistic struggle.

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Man of the Woods – 2019

Music that is strongly uncomposed, yet touches the living fabric. Close, without effects or mitigation, uncompromising.

If you want to feel the real forest, if you dream of stopping for a moment and taking advantage of another dimension, if you dream of your own space where you can find yourself, Joszko Broda, the man of the forest, invites you into his musical world, which wants to penetrate you and respond to your needs.

Joszko Broda about the album

This is a story out of the woods. Freedom and exploration. I want to share this freedom, which is why I am not imposing any narrative. I transmit my sound, sounds that want to reach the musical DNA and invite you to discover your story in them.

I don’t give pieces titles. I only report on the instruments used. The booklet is entirely for you – let it be your own notebook. Write there, draw what you want. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your questions and your answers. Your space. Your forest.

I don’t want to tell you about freedom and space. I want you to feel it and discover it. He discovered that freedom is demanding.

There is a temptation to tell everything, to give names and to use the available space. Despite many ideas, this time I decided to leave you free. The booklet included with the CD is a blank notebook that you can fill in with your content. Any content, your content.

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