Hello hello Children of Europe


One album, but sung in eleven languages, inspired by the melodies of many far-flung corners of Europe. Whether in Spanish and to the rhythm of flamenco, French and accompanied by an accordion, or perhaps cymbals and a hopping Hungarian dance – regardless of the ‘country of origin’, every song on this album draws attention to the need for kindness and describes the priceless beauty of friendship, which is not afraid of any borders, including political ones.


Halo Halo – 2003

music: Joszko Broda; lyrics: Debora Broda;

The Beard children are supported in their singing by peers coming from all over the world. The album owes its pulsating energy and joyful spontaneity also to the meeting of outstanding Polish and Hungarian musicians, as it features multi-instrumentalist Joszko Broda, guitarist Wojciech Waglewski, flamenco guitarist Andrzej Lewocki, double bassist Pál Havasréti, viola player György Lányi, and dulcimer player Kálmán Gáspár. The guest of honour on the ‘Halo Halo Children of Europe’ album is Stanislaw Stępniak, a respected performer of mazurkas and obereks, who played the Polish three-row harmony and added a unique flavour of ethnic music to the album. Music videos were filmed for two songs – ‘Halo, halo’, and ‘Hey ruku andi’. The second of these, directed by Marcin Switalski, won first prize at the Yach Film 2004 Festival of Polish Music Videos in the category Little Johnny.