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Good morning!

My name is Deborah Broda, I am interested in communication, education, the learning process, rhetoric, cultural transmission and coaching. I have been practicing homeschooling, working on projects in the area of culture and art, creating and producing for more than a dozen years. I specialize in embracing multifaceted realities and, as such, I am a seeker of areas of reduction in favor of space for things that are important and necessary.

I am glad you are here and reading my words. Where did you come from and what brought you here?

What am I doing here?

What I plan to put on digital paper is related to my passage through the educational and educational maze. I’ve had a couple of satisfactorily traversed sections, dead ends and corridors leading to the starting point. I think the final direction I took agrees with what my inner voice has always told me, which somewhere broke through all the social proof of rightness, and today I know where I am going. This blog will be about what I have already managed to grab and embrace.

I’m eager to share this resource, and even more eager to learn something new, because it’s always the case that I hit upon sources of inspiration as I set out.

You are invited!

Self-promotion is not my strongest point, so this text is short. If you want to hang out here, you’re just welcome. You can sign up for the newsletter to receive notifications about blog news and other attractions. All the rest of the publicity just add to it, if that’s what you need to anchor here.

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