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Unfold the flower

Happy birthday is the definition of the dimension we would like to deliver to our children. Within our capabilities and resources, we often and densely look around for the best offers of comprehensive development, so that no wasted minute of potential growth passes through our fingers.

What to do so that it doesn’t end up like with the legendary rose, which was brought from the garden by a little girl. The flower had all its petals broken. When asked by her mother what happened to the plant, the child replied: “I developed it.”

We may have the time and money, but do we have the strength to stop?

Don’t, now do

A child who feels safe activates the mechanism of exploration. A toddler’s need to explore the world runs on rocket fuel. Nothing can stop it, and probably most parents have no doubt about that.

And here comes the opportunity to make the first mistake.

“Don’t touch,” “don’t move,” “don’t go in,” “don’t come down,” “don’t go,” “stop,” “leave.”

This is the first step that closes the child’s space and stands in contrast to his need to build independence.

Immediately afterwards, a second one may appear.

Well: kindergarten, school, swimming pool, ice skating, tennis, English five times a week, robotics, music school and art classes.

We develop the flower according to our own vision as to when and how.

Assistance and proposal

Exploring the world is a natural process, a natural need in a child who feels safe. Rocket fuel has its own laws. Let’s not get in the way. Let’s be present and helpful. With this, the kid will gain a ton of competencies at his own pace, and one of them will be the knowledge that he can with his rocket fuel here as it is.

The thing that is clear is that there are a lot of cool things in the world such as tennis, English, art classes and so on, well, and our child, if we don’t tell him about it, he won’t know it. As much as possible in his direction can fall one or another proposal, it is important that it does not have the term “unobjectionable”. Let the flower develop at its own pace, in the area that its needs determine.

By giving the child space, we create the best educational conditions.


Let School from the Forest become a proposal space. Or an excuse to spend time together with your child. Flowers made of tissue paper, working on an instrument, singing or logic puzzles – these are cool things, but believe, if you’re a parent, the biggest impact is on you, with attention to your youngster. We provide the context.

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