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Hit the road!

When we started our homeschooling adventure a dozen years ago, we were brimming with positive energy, full of excitement and high-flying visions. But if someone had told us at that time what point we would be in, we would have rubbed our eyes in disbelief and maybe even ordered a retreat. Fortunately, the “someone” was not there.

Opening your own window, stepping outside the box, is a step that demands courage. It’s a thick challenge to persevere along the chosen path when every now and then it turns out that the map is wrong and the trail markers are repainted.

Family is a team

What keeps us moving forward is the strength of the team and a clear goal. The one written deep in each person’s heart and becoming common because of ties.

They are the ones who create a system that gives the possibility of very precise verification of the course for a particular person.

Therefore, the family is our inspiration.


Significant points on the map of the road we have traveled are meetings. A mass of inspiring meetings. The energy of relationships that always create new resources, pose questions and provide answers.

Those who have been and seen it know.

Family Inspiration Academy is a proposal for such an exchange. I’ve already established, built, organized and practiced a lot, and I want to share with you the perspective of my findings, but I also hope that you will bring your ideas, thoughts and solutions here and something newer and bigger will be created. Let’s meet in the available spaces and let what is supposed to flow flow!

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