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Instruments from the forest. Leaf

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A simple green leaf and its amazing possibilities is a story for those who like to draw their inspiration from nature and the surrounding space. This course will prove to you that the world of music is at your fingertips, at no cost. You don’t even have to pick a leaf to play it! How to get started and how to get to perfection, and how to open ourselves up to finding where we’ve never looked before.

Author: Joszko Broda

Lesson 1 General information

What does a leaf sound like? How is the leaf different from other instruments? Which leaves are suitable for playing?

Lesson 2 How to hold?

How to store the picked leaf? How long will a broken leaf be playable? We choose a suitable leaf from a twig. What is the principle of extracting sound from a leaf? How to tighten the leaf? How do you find a playable spot on a leaf?

Lesson 3 How to make the first sound?

Who goes to the field and who goes outside? We explore the surface and edges of the leaf in search of a place to play. Jak prawidłowo ułożyć palce? About the fact that the leaf often breaks. How do you create an edge that plays? How do you put your lower lip against that edge? How to make the first sound?

Lesson 4 How to make sound?

Looking for a place to play. Proper bending of the leaf edges. Learning by trial and error. Sound extraction. About the fact that the leaves are delicate and you need to learn to stretch them in the right way.

Lesson 5 Sound extraction

What should be done to make the sound stable? Sound stabilization exercises.

Lesson 6 Vibrato 1

Higher and lower sounds. Modifying sounds with language. A handful of exercises.

Lesson 7 Vibrato 2

Modeling sound with breath. About breathing.

Lesson 8 How to stand?

What is the proper posture when playing a leaf? Why is a stable posture important? Looking for a leaf on the lawn. Music-making in the meadow.

Lesson 9 Melody

First we sing, and then we play. About not being discouraged. What is needed to overcome difficulties? About what can be played on the leaf? On playing with accompaniment. About playing on the leaf that continues to grow on the tree.

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