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Instruments from the forest. Straw

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Playing simple instruments that come directly from nature is an inspiring occupation, bringing us closer to nature and teaching us to see more around us than what we can see at first glance. Our course will show you how to handle such a delicate instrument and how to make basic sounds from it. You will learn how to hold the instrument, the correct posture when playing, and how to form melodies from simple sounds.

Author: Joszko Broda

Lesson 1 Basic information

Sounds of the forest. Can instruments be found in the forest? Where can I find a straw to play with? How do you prepare the straw for playing? About how to handle the straw, which is an extremely delicate instrument. How do you keep it, secure it and store it? About what can happen when we forget these rules.

Lesson 2 How do you hold the straw?

What to do to avoid damaging the straw? How to remove the straw from the case? What to lay the instrument on? Which part of the straw is better not to touch? Which way to position the straw to make a sound from it? Optimum playing space. Passing the straw from hand to hand.

Lesson 3 Sound extraction

How to blow into a straw? What is a “blotek”? How to prepare a straw for playing? Why is the straw a personal instrument? To what depth to put the instrument in the mouth? How do you dose the air needed to produce sound? Breathing while playing. Sound extraction – what goal can we achieve. The first exercises related to sound production. About the fact that every sound has a beginning and an end.

Lesson 4 Using holes

About the role of teeth, lips and mouth in the exercises performed. How not to damage the throat and palate? On the hygiene of playing with straws. Different ways of blowing into a straw. Adjusting sound through air pressure.

Lesson 5 Using holes

About how to play by covering the first hole in the straw. Right-handed and left-handed instructions. A patient search for sound. How do you prop up the straw while playing? On careful handling of the instrument.

Lesson 6 Getting to know the scale of sounds

About the distance between holes. Third and fourth fingers. We practice making more sounds. On sound control. About finding an individual way to make a sound.

Lesson 7 Body posture – standing

About what is the correct body posture when playing straw. Why is it important and what does it affect? About control over one’s movements.

Lesson 8 Body posture – sitting

How to sit while playing with straw? Does the way we sit matter? On stability and balance. Why is it so important?

Lesson 9 Sound

On what is most important in playing an instrument. How are any sounds different from stable and well-placed ones? How do you get the right sound out of an instrument? What does imagination have to do with good sound? About that one most important sound and the fact that the sound depends on the space in which we play. Interesting places to play.

Lesson 10 Vibrato

What happens when the blown air ripples? Vibrato in playing with straw. About the fact that in music, decisions should be made consciously and goals should be achieved. Vibrating sounds, and changing their pitch. Breathing while playing.

Lesson 11 Trill

How to use embellishments? About the three basic embellishments and how to use them optimally.

Lekcja 12 Melodia

How do you combine sounds into the simplest melodies? Half-hole play. Operate air pressure. Differences in breathing between speaking and playing. When is it okay to start playing with straw?

Lesson 13 Summary – we combine different elements of the straw game

What if too much moisture collects in the straw? How to shape sound with pressure differences? Combining different playing techniques. Why is air pressure control so important? How to dry a straw? What is important in the approach to playing an instrument?


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