Normalnie szok! (Kopia)


Children with Beards’ debut album contains sixteen songs that were written during the band’s presence on the children’s TV show Ziarno. All the songs touch on the essence of Christian joy, hope and love. They are aimed at children of all ages – those with simple lyrics and a catchy melody appeal to toddlers, while others carry a message that older children can read.

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Normalnie szok! – 2002

music: Joszko Broda, Debora Broda; lyrics: Debora Broda;

On the album, in addition to the children and Joszek, we will hear well-known vocalists: Kayah, who sings about black sheep going astray, Darek Malejonek’s vocal in the optimistic song “Who will help?”, Antonina Krzysztoń’s poignant voice in “What have you done”. There were outstanding instrumentalists such as Marcin Pospieszalski, Piotr Płecha, Janusz “Yanina” Iwański, Marcin Majerczyk, Piotr “Stopa” Żyżelewicz, highlanders from Poland and Slovakia. The album delights by combining Joszek’s ethnic instrumentation with the sound of guitar, violin, accordion, bass and double bass, Hungarian dulcimer. This consonance gives the whole a unique folk character. The visualisation of the wonderful music and the important content are filmed (among others. w Beskidzie Śląskim – rodzinnych stronach Joszka) trzy teledyski w reżyserii Adama Sikory: „Niebo”, „Stworzenie” (znajdują się na krążku „Normalnie szok!”) oraz „Pełna chata”.

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