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Rural life has been inseparable from nature for centuries to this day. It may be much less obvious to modern people, but the lives of the villagers of old pulsated according to the rhythm of the changing seasons and both their working hours and their times of celebration and rest corresponded to what was happening in their fields, meadows and gardens at any given time of the year. The show “Old Country Life from Spring to Autumn” will take you on a journey through spring, summer and autumn in the old Polish countryside, showing traditions related to both folk and church festivals and entertainment, as well as farm work typical of the three seasons. The characters’ questions are interspersed with thematically corresponding songs sung to well-known folk tunes. Our proposed show, complemented by a selected Nativity script, gives a picture of traditional activities and celebrations for the whole year. If you want to go with us on this unique journey through space and time – we encourage you to take our course.

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